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wmacpi+clecourt : a WindowMaker DockApp for monitoring ACPI

Based on Timecop's wmacpi. Copyright © 2002 Cédric LECOURT.

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The original wmacpi is one of the most famous WindowMaker DockApp for monitoring ACPI. It is written by Timecop. When I was seeking for a ACPI DockApp, I founded It and I tried it on my laptop. It did not work properly because it did not handle correctly the fact that my laptop has two battery slots. The program was seeking for information on the first battery slot detected by the kernel whether the battery was in the second one. I first patched the sources to feet my need, having this application showing information on my battery.

Next, I bought a second battery and once again, wmacpi was not enable to display the information I was looking for : total remaining time, remaining capacity of each battery.... I decided at this time to rewrite the code to add support for more than one battery. Timecop said that he vould had it in the future. I needed it now so I rewrote it, starting from wmacpi 1.34

Once the code was writen and the application stable, I contacted Timecop to propose him the improved version of wmacpi. He said me that he had no time yet for it and encourage me to distribute the modified version by myself. Here it is : wmacpi+clecourt 1.34.

I am now using this program on a Sony VAIO FX-101 laptop with Linux kernel 2.4.18 with the acpi-20020308 patch .Since this patch has been designed for kernel 2.4.17+, this program should work on every upcoming kernels / acpi patchs as long as the the ACPI interface stay the same. I have got two batteries and I have tested this program with every combination of 0, 1 or 2 batteries in the laptop.

Main features of wmacpi+clecourt / benefits comparing to standard wmacpi are :

  • Correct handling of 0, 1, 2 or more battery(ies). Up to 8 batteries are supported but I could not test it. Does somebody need it ?
  • Two percentage bars if you have two batteries in your laptop, one global percentage bar if you have one or more than two batteries in your laptop.
  • Remaining percentage, with correct value even if you have batteries with different capacitites, for example a standard one and a high-capacity one.
  • Remaining time, including the same correction to correctly display this time in case of different kind of batrteries.
  • text ticker and icons showing the actual global state : charging / discharging / on AC power...


04/29/2002 First release of wmacpi+clecourt. Please send feedback :-)